DROPSHIP V2 Coming Soon...

Announcing DROPSHIP Steam Launch and Update

You might have noticed we removed the current build of DROPSHIP recently, and the reason for that is we have a massive update in the works and scheduled for release November 30th on Steam.  The new version is much more complete than our previous effort and we have taken a lot of feedback into account ( difficulty has been tweaked, insults removed, etc).

What's New?

  • New levels
  • Tutorial levels
  • Eased difficulty ( it's still hard as hell )
  • Leaderboards (Steam)
  • Achievements
  • Ghost recording for time trials
  • New Mode: Hardcore.  A single, limited lives, high score run
  • No more insults
  • Better controls

While the initial release will be on Steam we hope to bring DROPSHIP back to itch in the near future.  If you are interested; you can Wishlist it below.  If you have previously spent money on the the game here we will be happy to send out Steam keys for the new version!

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