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This was great. Builds tension at the right pace.

Great little indie horror! Creepy atmosphere which is tough to pull off set in just one little room! 

Very interesting concept of a horror game. I had fun playing this game. I think I got the bad ending. I was really caught off guard with some elements, like the timer. Overall, awesome short horror game.

The game was fun even though I have to spend 5 mins to... Oops.. Sorry no spoilers... Hahahhahaa

I had no idea what I was getting into when I played Terminal, and I’m happy I approached the game that way. It’s sense of mystery benefits the game greatly. Inserting a disc and seeing a face, without any real identity, is creepy as hell. I was caught off-guard by the ending too, and still didn’t quite put it all together when it was over. But it doesn’t need an explanation; it’s more effective without one. Great job! 

really spooky

This game is great, I loved the idea and how strange yet creepy it is. You have outdone yourself and if you want to see not only my reactions but thoughts on the game, check out my video. 

Good work!

great game please check out my play through below x


those potential matches were terrible...abrasive personality....redacted...bahaha...worse dating service ever...the dirty room with the terminal was great.

I liked this game. Creepy and unique.


a small masterpiece, great work :)

This was very cool! Floppies few!

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Kısa ve akılda kalan bir oyun. Atmosferi ve ses efektleri oyunu daha etkileyici bir hale getirmiş.İlk bakış için videoyu izleyebilirsiniz.

Short and memorable game. Atmosphere and sound effects are great.


I ran the file through a virus scanner and it appeared to have a malicious file inside, would there be a reason that this is appearing even though it seems like there is no harm?


It must be a false positive, what did you scan it with and what file pops up?  I've run this on multiple systems that use a variety of anti virus and nothing has ever popped up.

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Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid here (likes and subs are higly appreciated)):


I think that the game is original and very appealing. I think that going through the disks was weirdly satisfying and to throw them around as well. The ambiance was very cool as well, very creepy and unsettling. I also liked the ending as well! The game is nicely done, great job!


I feel like there were too many broken discs which would show nothing. I believe that if the game would have more discks that are actually have funny info or pictures then it would gain replayability. If I'd see that there are lots of funny descriptions then I'd definitely play again to read more about it. Moreover, that could be beneficial as players would let their guard down and forget that the game is a horror game after all. This would make the ending much scarier in my opinion.


I feel that the game deserves 5/5. It was short, cool and potent. I feel that the info on the discs could be a bit better but the game is still very good as is.

Hope my feedback was useful!

*btw, played your house in the woods twice (before and after update) as well. I think your games are very cool and you know how to make a good horror experience, keep up the great job!)


Thanks for playing! We had bigger plans for what was on the disks but ran short on time

An interesting little game. We had fun testing it.

Wow, this was awesome! I need more!

Great for a Halloween Special Livestream!

This was awesome! I love the feel it provided through the environment. Very interesting concept with a nice twist at the end. Great job! 

I don't know, I really felt I had a connection with that lady with no bones. Disappointed that the computer didn't agree.

I really thought I had all the time in the world 😂 Definitely the wrong decision!

Atmospheric horror at its finest. I found the sorting through multiple disks and reading what they contain more harrowing than the jumpscare at the end, but regardless it's incredible well done!

A very nice and scary game, good job in the game, the graphics and the atmosphere are so scary, to be done in a week is very well achieved

keep getting dx11 version 10.0 error for some reason

What graphics card you running?  The game is made with Unreal so the minimum requirements are a DX11 compatible graphics card.  If you have that try first- install the files in the redist folder that is included in the download and/or update your drivers.


omg i love this atmosphere. pls expand on this ;_; eep

This terminal apparently holds the secrets to my soul mate huh... then you look around and see all the floppies lol. This game is nice and sweet, keep it up.

WOW!! To scary 

Gameplay en español 

Fun little game, i was f***king scared!!! xD Go watch this so you laugh!!!




this was a really unique spin on a dating sim. It gave me strong portal 2 vibes with the moving rooms! Really really cool game! I hope you enjoy my play through

A really enjoyable experience!

Nice work. Very atmospheric and a cool setting. I wish there were more puzzles.

Thanks! We had bigger for plans for that but were a bit short on time. Might be something we'll revisit. 

Gave it my short little LP, had fun dinking around

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Thanks for playing! Glad you appreciate the aesthetic 👌 might be something we'll revisit

Very cool.


Thanks for playing!

This was great, I cannot wait to for more


./awesome\ atmosphere!.sh

Thanks for playing!

I liked it a lot. I hope you'll make a full game with these sounds and vision!

I wish a lot of PSX indie horrors had the visual style that this oozes with.


Thanks Neco! We really need to make a full game

fantastic graphics, sound and tension. it wasn't until i was halfway through i realized why it was entered into the disc room jam. cheeky.

i went through all the disks over a course of five playthroughs. is there no actual match found in the room, and subsequently, only the one ending?

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