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 the heck is the password

Hello, I’m making a game called Horror cartridge collection and I’d like to contact you privately about a collaboration of sorts with both our games, if your interested please let me know how to contact you, thanks


so, put password, find random disk, shakey shakey, door open, jumpscare, and thats the game, great

Weird and creepy. Would love to see more, it's pretty good! 


Pretty empty game ngl, if you can, please add a major update!

interesting! keep up the good work!

Good game

Cute dating horror sim thing with floppy drives lol 

Definitely on of the better made games I've played it's good an unnerving making you wonder if your alone in the room an the story told with the floppy discs makes it even more creepy so id give it 10/10 

Very enjoyable little game

i loved this game, what a fun little horror experience! i've played it about 3 times and got a new set of "potential matches" each time! i love the atmosphere a lot and even now despite knowing whats on the other side of the door i still get this heavy sense of dread before opening it! 10/10 game and worth the download. (also anyone looking to download, a great game that would def be worth a few dollars if ur feeling generous when downloading ;) ) 

Great game with a very interesting end!

Simple yet interesting game.

The game provides you with great visuals and graphics, as well as a simple task.

When I play the game, it gives me a cinematic vibe, Which i really like about the game.

DEV, excellent work!

And feel free to watch my gameplay here.

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This was a fun experience to play and easy to understand. Would love to see more games in the future

i loved game

Very cool game. I loved the suspense in trying to find a 'match' with the countless floppies LOL. And that ending :O gave me a nice jumpscare. Game starts at 8:06


Excellent horror game! Very impressed that this was only made in a week

good game

Great idea well done. Random unlabelled floppies is a great way to make the player use time or add tension or curiosity and revelation to a horror game. This could easily be part of something bigger and very nerdy.

This is only intended as a short game for 1 concept, but I would add a waiting room section you have to wait in first. This could help add more atmosphere to set the scene.
This gives the opportunity to misdirect or reinforce and protract the tension in the following section, due to having the chance to put cues and clues around the room, and due to the look of the room.
eg. coming from a dank waiting room with missing persons posters would reinforce the harsh bleakness. Whereas coming from a clean bright waiting room with marketing and overblown promises would make going into the terminal room more shocking.


A nice little horror vignette. One element vignettes like this often share is an inability to alter lighting or graphics settings. This is an accessibility issue and you should consider allowing some adjustment to brightness, gamma, etc. This is especially true since hidden numbers are part of the game. You can always change the ending sequence to the lighting you want as you go.  Overall, a great job. 


100% agree, thanks for the feedback we appreciate it!

Very well made I'm now gonna change my pants brb

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Pretty good atmosphere so far but, um, how do you find the password for the terminal? I can't see it anywhere...

EDIT: Nevermind, my room was just too bright.

thank you I couldn't find it either.

Great horror game. (Gameplay comentado en español)



I signed up just to say I really enjoyed the game. The pure fear I gained as soon as I connected the ticking in the background to the clock above me made me rush inserting and ejecting the floppies, though doing so was futile. Just making people think they have time and then suddenly showing a count down causes a very interesting fear, I guess the fear was rushing only realizing I had 1:00 minute, and knowing I'd never complete it in time. The knowing I would fail and still trying is the interesting feeling. (Though I guess here the clock was supposed to be seen).

Is the name terminal because, not finding or finding a match is *terminal*? Or is the Personal Computer acting as a terminal?

Very good little game.


This game was very good. It took a minute to figure things out in the game. This is why I enjoy playing this type of game cause you have to find numbers and certain disks. I like how its a love finding game with a horror. Oh I better stop I dont want to spoil the game for others who haven't played yet. 

This was a super well made game! It looks fantastic! I liked the different take on typical horror games, here I was just thinking I was finding love haha! I'm super glad I managed to find the right disk fairly soon (unless it was coded for a certain number of entries then I look dumb haha! Great job! Game play is below if interested :)

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You guys are amazing, The House in the Woods and TERMINAL were probably one of the best games I've played on itch. Good job.

Very Very cool game! I absolutely loved it! 


Very tense yet fun one room game! went in to it blind and boy, that ending got me! 


This was a lot fun for a one-room game. I started off kind of slow, but once I figured out the gist of it, I eventually started thinking of how I could go through as many floppy discs as possible. I figured out a pretty efficient process in my first play through, but I'm going back in. 

My only question: Is there enough time to get through them all? I'm gonna try :p

This really is a well-made commentary on the nature of how some people use those dating apps and websites. Try one, nope, throw it away. Next. 

Very fun game, I was being dumb though and had to look up a guide XD I love the graphical style too!

So this is what tinder used to look like... LOL. the game was awesome, keep up the good work! 

This was the 3rd game in my 3 Scary Games feature video, it creeped me the hell out which I really enjoyed!

No Commentary :) 

Very good game. Part of a 3 horror gameplay.

Great Game!!! thank you so much

I don't know what else to say except that I almost shat myself near the end. That was one well-made little experience. I'd love to see more.

This is am awesome little indie game, I like how it gave me the opportunity to relive my glory days using the little floppy discs lol. I'm just curious about the story now.

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