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This was a super well made game! It looks fantastic! I liked the different take on typical horror games, here I was just thinking I was finding love haha! I'm super glad I managed to find the right disk fairly soon (unless it was coded for a certain number of entries then I look dumb haha! Great job! Game play is below if interested :)

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You guys are amazing, The House in the Woods and TERMINAL were probably one of the best games I've played on itch. Good job.

Very Very cool game! I absolutely loved it! 


Very tense yet fun one room game! went in to it blind and boy, that ending got me! 


This was a lot fun for a one-room game. I started off kind of slow, but once I figured out the gist of it, I eventually started thinking of how I could go through as many floppy discs as possible. I figured out a pretty efficient process in my first play through, but I'm going back in. 

My only question: Is there enough time to get through them all? I'm gonna try :p

This really is a well-made commentary on the nature of how some people use those dating apps and websites. Try one, nope, throw it away. Next. 

Very fun game, I was being dumb though and had to look up a guide XD I love the graphical style too!

very fun game, sadly it has turned me of tinder now lol

So this is what tinder used to look like... LOL. the game was awesome, keep up the good work! 

This was the 3rd game in my 3 Scary Games feature video, it creeped me the hell out which I really enjoyed!

No Commentary :) 

Very good game. Part of a 3 horror gameplay.

Great Game!!! thank you so much

I don't know what else to say except that I almost shat myself near the end. That was one well-made little experience. I'd love to see more.

This is am awesome little indie game, I like how it gave me the opportunity to relive my glory days using the little floppy discs lol. I'm just curious about the story now.

We found love in a hopeless place

cute little short horror game :)

I'll figure it out :D


What is de passwordddddd

Deleted 1 year ago

Thanks for making an awesome game!

Here's my gameplay



oh man your games are amazing. I can't wait for more

good job really enjoyed it.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I almost shat myself I swear to go


I really enjoyed this game! Please let me know if you decide to make it into a full game with a ton of story! Id love to check it out and support you!!!!

5/5 short game. I loved it! The setting is perfect. And the whole thing is unnerving, especially since it leaves a lot up to your imagination. I think this game is begging to be expanded upon. More/different disks, maybe another ending?

P.S. for some reason, Gloria Reeves's description is my favorite. It really creeped me out.


Best dating sim on here, found love 8/10


I loved the game!!! 

Interesting game. That's a whole lotta disks.

Reminded me of the pleasure of working for a dating website. Those descriptions were A1.


It was neat, ending was really well animated :]

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Kinda laggy when I started but overall, this game is really great and scary at the same time. It give me a really nostaglic vibes of some horror sci-fi retro style games that I played at the past. This is a really perfect game and I hope theres a story deep behind in this game, looking forward to play more games from you guys

Third game starting at 11:19

It was definitely an interesting game with an amazing atmosphere. I like how many possible disks you could use for a game that was made in a week. And totally didn't expect the ending!! Great game!

Wonderful game love the atmosphere and design of the terminal, curious about how you achieved the visual effects, love the sharp edges and posturized look!

This game was AWESOME. My absolute favorite out of the three in this video. It's the first one!

cool game ! do you plan on making a mac version?


This is just oozing with style, and the industrial/janky/retro atmosphere is just PERFECT for a horror game- I'd love to see more of this.

Thanks so much, we appreciate it!


Great game, I love games like this.

I need more time to find my one and only love! More, more, more!

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