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Nice! got my ass good.2:44

Great game. Blair witch project was one of my first horror movies I saw, the inspiration was enjoyed.

If you're cute, you click, if you aren't, do it anyway.

Ex cult memeber trippin on zaa zaa in the woods nice game.

Amazing game! Super atmospheric game!


starts: 0:26

This was great! Super atmospheric, I loved the ambience of the start.

Awesome visual design! very well done 👏👏

good game, good atmosphere, really enjoy playing it 

nice work =) 

thoroughly enjoyed .... great audio , sound effects, jump scares... i just wish it was a big enough game with real characters and real plot.

what character and what plot the skin walker throwing it back bro?

This was really good! The ending was nuts!!

i love this game

Lawd have mercy... 

This game really had me on the edge of my seat lol the atmosphere and the sound effects in the woods were nuts and so were the few little jump scares. Good job!!

Did a great job with setting atmosphere, I loved how vulnerable it feels being in the woods with the darkness and sound effects

The section in the house genuinely had me kinda scared, awesome short game!

The game was pretty good for how much time was spent into it and I would encourage you to try to make into a full game.

Some bad and funny gameplay down here:


hold up this only the prototype ??? the real game gonna have me shitting my pants

insane best quality game ive played on this site

A trip back to the blair witch project, love it!


Scary horror game!

Can see the simluarity in this one and hopefully you make more this was so uncomfortable but yet awesome! Keep up the good work guys. 

lots of fun

VERY well made game, I'm a fan for sure!

That was a wonderful throwback into the 90s Blair Witch Project

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I got lost and just entered the house I found...

This is very scary, atmospheric and wonderful work

Nice game :)

This was really good! Enjoyed it overall! I want a full release now!

awesome game thank you :):):):)

Great game, super creepy especially towards the end. 

This game so creepy! I loved every second of this! Please make more!!

Its Blair Witch lol

Great game! Gave us quite the scare

Genuinely scary

We Need more! great game

Love the immersion and the sound. Great short horror game!

Such a fantastic short horror game. Some of the best sound and atmosphere I've seen in a while. Would love to see this as a full game but regardless great job!

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