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Nice game :)

This was really good! Enjoyed it overall! I want a full release now!

awesome game thank you :):):):)

Great game, super creepy especially towards the end. 

This game so creepy! I loved every second of this! Please make more!!

Its Blair Witch lol

Great game! Gave us quite the scare

Genuinely scary

We Need more! great game

Love the immersion and the sound. Great short horror game!

Such a fantastic short horror game. Some of the best sound and atmosphere I've seen in a while. Would love to see this as a full game but regardless great job!


Really scary 10/10 really enyoyed this game, recommend all day :)

One of the best horror games i have seen so far

I am late to the game but this is so beautiful, everything fits, the sound effects are top notch, really triple A level, the environment is immediately uncomfortable and disorienting and even though it’s such a short experience, it feels like I just went through hell and back :D Gorgeous. The way how every single detail adds to the unease, the terror is outright luscious.  

FYI: Happy New Year!

You did an amazing job, I did not read the description and I did felt I was in Blair witch

Great stuff,. this game has some truly terrifying moments!

Happy new year everybody!

frames dropping and why no menu for adjustments 

My playtrough of your game

a love letter to haunted ps1 style games i cant say how well thought out and done this game is so heres my take on it!

For an indie game, this is on a whole new level. I'd LOVE to play a full length game from you guys!

great short creepy game


Super impressive guys! The atmosphere you created in such a short amount of time is breathtaking. This hit the right spot for me on so many levels! (Gameplay in in German)

This game well put together, and the constant ambiance made it amazing!

Was a really good game thank your for the pleasure ! 

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That was a really cool game! I even made a video while playing, I hope everyone likes it as much as I did, while watching.

I really like this game it a a amazing  experience. But I'm Never Going Camping.

which unreal engine 4 does this game use?


This was a real scary experience! Every little sound made this so much scarier! There were parts where it got really dark, but I would say that's a plus because it added a loss of direction! I recommend this game to anyone who hasn't given it a try yet!

Amazingly done, I was in suspense the whole time! The subtle touch of the participants of the ritual surrounding you outside was great!

loved itttt!!!!!!!!

This game is actually a lot better than I anticipated. I went into it expecting a very cheap jumpscare fest. But I was pleasantly surprised that it was actually building upon something that felt unique, especially towards the end.

The atmosphere is chilling, the camera handles well and the sounds are perfect, is a good game I loved it! Recommended to all who like terror and urban exploration.
Game Complete con Sub. en Español Activalos primero

I loved the atmosphere they created, got pretty intense. It reminded me a lot of the Blaire witch project which was very spooky.

I kind of almost gave up on this game, because I was running for what felt like far too long w no objective, but Im glad I didnt. the ending was awesome and v surprising.

Don't let the graphics from this game put you off it is absolutely terrifying, and a brilliant game it scared the crap out of me 

this game scared the shit out of me. Love Blair Witch and this was a great experience keep up the good work!!
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Loving everything about this game. Sound, environment, and the monster at the end. Hits all the "horror" buttons.

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