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Originally made for the Haunted PS1 Wretched Weekend #1 in around 48 hours


On a camping trip into the forest your friend has vanished in the night.  As you step away from your camp to investigate you realise you are lost as well....


Inspired by The Blair Witch Project.
Explore an endless forest and try to discover its secrets.


3 years after the initial release we are pleased to be bringing The House In The Woods back!  It'll be out around the end of 2023 and feature a more fleshed out story - with a slightly longer play time, new areas and improved visuals/performance.

Please follow for more updates as we develop the new update and in the meantime please consider

wishlisting the game on Steam

It would really help us out!


Usual movement controls.
Hold shift or click the left stick down to run.
Left click, E or A on the pad for interactions.
RMB or Left trigger to zoom focus.
ALT+F4 to run away.

Follow the cries for help...


"Wah, what the f**k?!  What was that?!"  - Ealia

"Wooaha, f**king hell!" - CJUGames

"Ah, it's freaking me out. It's freaking me out. It's freaking me out." - Cjmaxibon

"What?  Oh my god no.  Please no." - NathOnGames

"Holy shi- what? Oh god!  What the f**k is this?" - SuaVieJaVii Games

"Eeeooo, f**k meeeeee." - jacksepticeye


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Very scary game try it

Really good. Keep up the good work.

Lost in the Woods: A Blair Witch-Inspired Horror Game


Took a while to find the house but once I did... holy crap that was intense. 


hi, how can I fix the Xaudio2.7 error? the game runs but with no sound :(


Really cool game, like it niceee



Deadly Getaway: Unravel the Mystery in This Horror Game 馃彙馃挃馃槺


This game has incredible visuals, I got lost in the forest, but I ended up finding the house.Amazing game


:D D:

This game was INSANE in the best way that a horror game could be!! I really felt like I was walking in a dark forest alone & the screams sounded SO REAL. I also loved how creepy yet cool the cultist looked. 

10/10 highly recommend this game!


Really cool game. Not sure if there are different endings yet depending on which obelisks are found. I only came across one, but there were a few in the visions, so I wonder if finding more/different ones would change anything. 

One criticism I do have is that the spooky audio cues seemed to be randomly but semi-regularly occuring, which IMO kind of removed some of the tension from them. I could tell that nothing was following me in the woods after a couple minutes, so the tension dropped a lot until finding the house. Even in there, since there was no danger, since it was clear we were being taken through the whole house, again the tension dropped. 

Still a fantastic atmosphere and great music. Plucking violins are a classic, but still work well. The VFX and aesthetic are also perfect for the setting and vibe. There are a lot of woods horror games that don't seem to have an effective atmosphere for whatever reason, but this one definitely worked. Would have liked more mechanics, ways to die, lore to find, ways to investigate, tracking mechanics, etc. But It appears some of those may be added in the coming update.


Super fkn spooky. Great game <3 (first game in the video)


Had very nice/scary time with this game! It's very well made apart from those walls u can go through (u can see that in my vid), but other than that I really enjoyed this game!

This was absolutely horrific (in the best way possible!), I was losing my mind from dread, and the atmosphere was just so terrifying. Thank you for making this, it was a fantastic experience! I donated but I would have given more if I could, I'm sorry.

Here is my gameplay of it, wishing you well <3



This was really cool! Especially really liked the ending! (2nd game)

Awesome game. I Can't wait for the Steam release. 

The perfect game to play on Friday the 13th and for my '31 Days of Horror Games' Challenge for Halloween. The atmosphere, the art style, and the game is a masterpiece. 10/10 game, and I cannot wait for the update this end of the year. Cheers!

- Kuya Sunset


bonito juego, gracias c:


Had some good scares. Also absolutely LOVED the art style.



This game was a horror masterpiece, give it a watch! ;))


Once I finally found the house it was terrifying. Just constant sounds that really made the environment very scary.


great game the woods are creepy and trust me i should know i was homeless. 


Great game this was well done, the ending seemed like a horror movie trailer I thought that was cool.

This was a massively great game. Nanners loved every minute of it. 

(1 edit) (+1)

I failed to save Heather. Whoops

Also, great job making this, this was well done.

Lost in the Woods: A Blair Witch-Inspired Horror Game That Will Leave You Shaking 馃尦馃敠馃懟


This game was a blast! Kept me at the edge of my seat the whole playthrough. I would love to understand more of the lore from this game and what the hell stepped out of the glowing white triangle. Amazing horror game! Going to wishlist on steam!

oh man i had a lot of fun playing this, lot a funnys were made while playing this

This game was super fun and the art style was amazing and as someone that loves Blair Witch this game was great I would love to see a full game like this be made I would 100% play the heck out of overall I give it and 8/10


Definitely one of my favorite Blair Witch inspired horror games! 


NICE! I found so fast the house )) CHECK OUT :) Cool Game! Thank you !


Good job

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