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There was so much to find! Tried to play through a second time and found some things here and there but the house was lost.

I don't know if that was intentional but it definitely added to the experience. I did however manage to bug the game by reaching the edge of the woods.

Good job.

The first thing that surprises you is the terrifying atmosphere that the game offers. That and some nice sound effects that help the immersion. You feel like you're lost in the middle of the forest.

I hope the project can evolve with new additions, because the base is very promising.

Keep it up!

if there was a game that could give me a massive heart attack, this would be the one...

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If there's ever a full version, I'd be happy to play it. Great atmosphere by the way!

Would love to see a full version! Very nice atmosphere!

loved this game very creepy! 

This game was pretty awesome and creepy, gave me chills mannnnn, loved it

Made a video on it:

This game was epic as hell! I made a video playing it and had an idea to make a tierlist for all the game jam games! If you would like to see that make sure to like the video!

really great game and put me totally back into my teenage time when Blair Witch Project was a huge thing for me:D

Thank u for this sweet little game


Really enjoyed the game! It really gave me the chills, especially every time I heard “help” in the distance or coming from the basement. I was a little bit confused as to what I was supposed to do in the beginning, but fortunately running blindly through the forest eventually got me to the house!

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This little horror game is brilliant! Very atmospheric and creepy! I hope it gets developed further! It's worth a download. Check out my gameplay footage if you want:

It's got a really good atmosphere, although it is very difficult to hear the sound cues due to my hearing loss, so I wasn't able to reach the house. But that's just a one person's problem - it's a great unsettling game!

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Hey! Thanks for playing. Yeah, it does rely heavily on the audio cues to help if you get lost right now. We're working on a small update which should hopefully have some more visual cues

My experience playing it again was excellent! Thank you for the wonderful game :)


This game gave me the chills. fantastic job with the visuals, and the eerie feel!

really bad, end up running in circles for ages,and when you get to the basement of the house the game just ends...

😂 thanks for playing


uh, your welcome? Lol


Very well made.

Great work on the woods and the house—they had great atmosphere and the graphical limitations added to the effect well. I'm impressed by the looping in the forest—I couldn't tell at all when it was happening.

I'm starting to like the ps1 style more and more thanks to games like this one.

Wow, this hike in the woods gave me the chills! :)

I've made a little fan trailer, please feel free to check it out if interested.


Really cool game. You feel lost the whole time, but somehow make it to the house.


Oh man! You did get lost alright :D the woods aren't actually that big but it loops. We'll hopefully have an update after the weekend with MOAR spooks


This game is really cool and I see what you mean about the ending.

A refreshing take on PS1 Horror.

The PS1 style graphics and extremely ominous in-game environment make this short experience well worth a download! My gameplay is an enhanced version. Since this game doesn't include in-game soundtrack, I edited music and cues to heighten the creepy factor. 


Link to my channel (opens in new tab)

This game was so cool it had that free roam feel to it which was even cooler. I liked it so much I made a video with 3 games and this one was the first. Good luck on future projects.

Will you have updates? Will it come out complete? Will you have to configure the graphics? I loved the game but I just run and I can't find anything and the fps won't let me play that much hahaha

Wow! Really love the look and feel of this! Hope you are able to finish working on it after the jam! It's the first game in the video!

This game was great

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Appreciate it man ✌️ thanks for playing!

Anytime, keep up the good work

Really loving the PSX style I'm seeing on and I hope to see more! Keep it coming! Check out my video featuring your game!


Game is really scary at some point and the environment is also creepy but the game is very short please make it at least 7~10 mins that will be awesome. :)) Still Rated 4/5 :) 

Loved it, big thumbs

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Whenever I try to open the game, it says "DX11 feature level 10.0 is required to run the engine. Can someone help?

What graphics card are you running?

Intel Graphics 3000

Sorry man, you're gonna need a dedicated GPU for this one.


Killer atmosphere. I definitely saw someone walking in the woods and wasn't expecting that. Got a little freaked out tbh!


Theres nobody in the woods 👀😉

I loved everything about this. Holy shit. Well done! The audio is great and the aesthetics use the PSX style to such an effective degree but with modern sensibilities.

Kinda reminds me of Haunt: The Real Slender. Great work!

This is so sick. Please revisit this, you guys have something special right here.

The atmosphere was creepy and I enjoyed it! 100/100 video starts at


Man! Thanks for playing, that was too funny! The original idea was going to be a loop but we ran out of time for the jam.

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so creepy

Its very good, the atmosphere is really scary. Flashlight is good, sounds are good i like it a lot. If you do keep working on this, it really has a lot of potential. So many places you can put in subtle scares and stuff. Good job.

The game is very good with the scares. I was kinda waiting for the "witch" in this game, but sadly there isn't one (I think). Over all:

-the fear level is high

- Even with the compass, It feels as if I'm still getting lost (maybe due to the surroundings all looking almost the same which is pretty effective)

-I feel like something/ someone in the forest doesn't want me to leave

- The house scares is the best one for me. Footsteps, voices, dust falling from the ceiling is well combined.

I did find some secrets in the forest which is a nice add to the mystery.I'm not sure if I found all of them.


Thanks for playing! We ran out time towards the end there but we had planned to add the witch. We might revisit in future to add more scares :D

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