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Really enjoyed this, finding the house takes a while though. 

this game was really good! It got me several times and that certainly does take a lot! 

This was actually pretty good. Way better than that Blair Witch game that released last year or whenever.

hope you like my gameplay

EXCELENTE JUEGO, me atrevo a decir que les irá muy bien, pronto les estaré apoyando pero espero que lleguen lejos y que sean un juego completo y con varias entregas, la estética PS1 fue una flecha al corazón, y si alguien piensa que los gráficos PS1 no asustan lo invito a jugar esto en completa oscuridad y con audífonos y regresar a dejar su impresión, gran trabajo, juego 100% recomendado a cualquier gamer old school amantes de juegos como NIGHTMARES CREATURES, SILENT HILL ETC

Oh, it's terrible. It's a wonderful game

This game was amazing.I loved every bit of this game I was losing my mind , scared , confused and was basically exploring the forest I loved the experience..!!! 

Good job on the update!  Will keep an eye out for your next project;)

really cool game. Nice detals.

another reason to not go camping in the woods lol 

Could you please add some graphics settings to make the gameplay more smooth for us lower quality computers :D Many thanks!

Love this game, got lost but the end is amazing :)

It was quite interesting, had a sort of Blair Witch vibe to it, so it had its scary moments. Really good, wish it would have been a little longer. But hey, all part of the experience!

Hope you guys enjoy this game, like I did.:D 

Smooches, XxMelodicaxX

It is fantastic!

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Being honest... I think the new version feels too on the nose, while I like the concept and visuals, the sounds/music feel too aggresive and make the danger feel obvious to me, the same with the way that the other things and details appear in front of you, I think it could benefit of being a more subtle and not as clear, making me not be able to understand completely what's happening, more stuff hidden, smaller details, making me question if what I saw was real or just my imagination, and if it is good or bad in someway

Thanks for the feedback.  We were on the fence with making the lore more subtle, but given the short nature of it; decided to go for it.  If we revisit this we will definitely play on the mysterious aspects more.

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Pros and cons are down below) Check out the game here:


1. It is soo similar to Blair Witch project! I time traveled in the past and relived this masterpiece again. Such a great job on recreating the atmosphere!

2. The sound design is perfect! The whispers and footsteps in the forest made me jump. Sounds in the house was perfect. Distant screams for help were terrifying!

3. The forest did seem to turn you around. And you can never notice when - so cool!


1. It would be cool if the game had a proper ending. I mean, I have read that you did not have time but maybe you could finish it now?) Pretty please) I would like to see an actual witch or some thing like that!

2. I wish there would be some actual danger - a monster in the forest that would chase you a bit or smth like that.

3. The tombstones with red marks which made creppy sounds were kinda excessive for me. They did not add to lore and were distracting from the feeling of being lost


5/5 Such a great job! Loved it! I want more found footage horror from you! Maybe a game including different scenes of Blair Witch project?) Who knows) Anyway, I can't wait)

Hope my feedback was useful!

Hi, thanks for playing and thanks for the detailed feedback. We put out an update a couple of days ago that we hope address a couple of your negative points.  Please give it a go if you have the time.

I will definitely check it out!  Thanks for your reply)

Im very impressed, you really nailed a very scary atmosphere here. Amazing.

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I just realized there's a new update with a lot more featured, so I'm definitely going back to this.


Can confirm - terrifying....

El juego lo habeis mejorado sin duda, realmente increible. Congratulations.

I recorded before the update....eep 

Is the game finished and needs no further updates?

Yeah, unless there's any major game breakers were done with it for now. We may revisit the idea in future but not this specific version


Man, I just replayed it and I gotta say, that was pure fuckin hype. I was coming into it not expecting to be scared (as that is hard to do) but it left me Excited to see what will come from you, the developer, in future horror games you make - as I hope you continue making horror games. Everything with the Post-jam update was simply a fantastic presentation of 'Great short horror experience'. Will upload a new video of it soon.

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed the update. Look forward to the video! Yeah, for sure, next month's game is going to be something more chilled because this stuff is INTENSE!!😂 I could definitely see us making another horror game though, it's been fun


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A VERY SPOOKY GAME!!! Great job on this one!!!

I NEED DIRECTIONS! also nice spooky game nice job! 

Awesome Game, will admit not sure at the start how to do anything but it came clear after a bit. Keep it up hope to see more from you. 

had fun

I played the game and over all I really liked it. Except for its really hard to find the house almost no direction.

I heard tiny footsteps in the background while running around trying to find the house, turned around, and got spooked. Fun game. >>> I got lost many times to find the house in the woods. Cool game!

Gave it a go, spook!

Was not expecting this game to give me the chills like that, definitely has the potential to become an all out scary game.

Fantastic work! Loved the atmosphere and the visuals were super appealing. The sounds were perfect throughout and kept me on edge. Cheers for creating this!

This is absolutely phenomenal! Such a spooky atmosphere. Once I entered the house I was creeped out to no end. Great combination of creepy audio, a dark and scary environment, and anxiety building movement. I'd love to see more added to this! 

This game was very scary!! Going through the woods was a horrible experience, hearing the screams in the distance. The house was terrifying.. great blair witch project vibe all the way, specially at the end.  I hope you enjoy my gameplay, here it is:

I found the house almost immediately so my experience was pretty short but really enjoyed it nonetheless.  Great game for something put together in 48h, really impressive.  Cheers!


The game had quite good atmosphere very blair witch like! As far as the game went I did feel like the tension in the house did leave more to desire as I expected something scary to happen. But I'm sure it was quite a challenge to focus on so much within 48 hours. looking forward to seeing what you bring next. You gained a fan :)

Hey! Thanks for playing. Yeah, absolutely get that. We should have an update within the next couple days that makes it a more complete package.

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Dude! Jacksepticeye played your game yesterday! He got spooked! It's the second game in the video. Congrats! Maybe Markiplier will follow suit...

Oh shit! That was funny! Thanks for mentioning it, might not have seen it

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No problem! MrKravin also played it, but the section of the video where he plays it is really short. He somehow found the house right away.😅

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