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This was really good! Pretty scurry too


De lejos la experiencia de terror mas intensa que he tenido en mucho tiempo, la sensación de estar indefenso, combinado con la música y esos detalles tan pequeños como el cambio en el sonido del viento, crean una atmósfera de terror y suspenso perfecta, definitivamente un juego de terror que todos deberian de jugar para no querer salir de sus casas nunca más

Loved playing it, it was so scary would like to see a longer game version

Cult Basterds I swear, not gonna lie, I wanted to Quit few times just a few


so spooky got me on my tippy toes and shii

I needed a safe word with this game! My poor heart, so good! Please keep up the good work!

this game was so freaking scary! im sorry but this was almost way to much to me! i really hope this game gets more attention. on of the best horror games in its style this year. thank you for making this game. its a pro edited 5 minute reaction compilation so show it some love! LOVE YALL!!

1st game. i really enjoyed that! presentation was amazing and i overall just creepy vibe.

Impressive and creepy, both atmospheric and startling with unique little details all around. Great work.

The atmosphere, the visuals and the horror aspect are simply incredible, especially for a game made in 48 hours. Deserves all the praises.

Incredible atmosphere and very interesting concept. It reminded me a lot of Blair Witch, I loved!

It felt like I was truly going to die a few times playing this game!  Absolutely fantastic all around! 5 stars!

Reminded me of an urban horrorstory from my childhood. Had a good atmosphere and well done scares!

I liked this game a lot, it was definitely a good game to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. I also like how the game did not rely on jumpscares to be scary. 

This is so awesome, i'm a fan of Blair Witch and Lovecraft story so when i play it, i love it so much, thank you devs team

I enjoyed playing through this game! ^_^

Seriously dude, one of the best games I've played on the site. Definitely in my top three. I just gotta ask; what was your inspiration on making the game? Great work! Made a video showcasing your game :)

This game scared the crap out of me! 
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The atmosphere in this game was so well executed. I truly was nervous playing this.. fear was building in me and that's not something I experience very often. I am amazed only 2 people accomplished this... truly well done! I followed you on Twitter and would love to see more from you two💜

Comments below clip;

I could have used a bit more vocal guidance toward the house, but I tend to be impatient.

For the rest, nothing but praise. The atmosphere is vibrant, the progress harrowing, but the entire game is utterly enjoyable to play, and that's all that counts in my book.

Well done and kudos to all involved!

This game was so good. I enjoyed every moment of it (even though it terrified me) Well done guys ! <3

I loved it ! it honestly gave me Blair witch vibes which I love!!!

The atmosphere is chilling, the camera handles well and the sounds are perfect,maybe if they had added 2 or more objectives to do it would have been perfect, but it is a good game I loved it! Recommended to all who like terror and urban exploration.
Game Complete con Sub. en Esp Activalos primero

This game is so creepy. :) 5/5

My girlfriend showed me this game and I have to say I wish I didn't get goosebumps but I really did. Thank you for making this it was a lot of fun to play! I hope it gets noticed more!

For anyone who'd like to see others scream and not yourself, here you go :)

LOVED the atmosphere!  Looking forward to more from you my friend

Way scarier than I was expecting it to be. A+ on the atmosphere.

This game was great, awesome sound design, great atmosphere, and the best part...It isn't jump scare based! The game uses eerie imagery and scary sounds to strike fear in the player, rather than jump scares. Awesome game, keep it up! 

Really well made! A bit over the top ngl but i absolutely enjoyed playing it, keep it up!

good horror

Thanks to the devs!


This Game is super creepy! The atmosphere and sound freaked me out. Great Game, you did a really good Job! (:

Spooky af game.

Had some much fun playing this game!!!

Awesome game. Love the visuals. 

Hello, thanks for making this game. I love the grainy graphic style.  What makes this stand apart from others I have played I think is the sound effects.  The cry's for help, breaking of branches, panting as you run.  Then the sounds the creepy old house makes, floor boards, banging on ceilings.  Totally awesome. 

Here is my playthrough.

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