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Good job guys.  Nice atmosphere and sound design.


I played this game for my video! The sound design for this game is great! The sounds of the twigs snapping around you really added to the atmosphere and seriously creeped me out! I wish there was more in terms of lore and backstory, like an explanation as to what that cult is or what the monster is, but for a game made in such a short amount of time its great!

Esta Brutal!!!! Lo AME!! Quiero mas!!

Played both versions unfortunatly the first time i played this my recording messed up but after seeing that there was a major update i decided to give it another shot and im so glad i did! i got scared before the update but this was a whole new ballpark. the sounds were on point i couldnt bring myself to sit still and listen because i was so paranoid that something was after me. Amazing job dont ever stop making games lol

looks great, downloading!

It's been a while since I played a horror game! This was quite scary because I get terrified when I don't know where I am going. I have no clue. Anyways, consider watching my video!

Probably the most scared We've been in awhile

Post Jam game is really well done! Very impressive! 

This is a diamond in the rough, a well crafted horror experience. The atmosphere is amazing and makes you feel on edge from start to finish, the jumpscares worked really well on me. Well done developer.

MINIGOLIATH?! Do you realize what you have here?? hahaha For being made in such a short amount of time, this game really holds potential! The soundscape is sooo creepy and horrifying that it makes me wanna hold my breath in anticipation! Loved it!

Great work!

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I had so much fun with this video! Honestly the most inspired ive been with my edits in awhile so Thank you so much! 

i loved this game it was really scary one of the best ps1 games i've played!!!

great game!!!

Very cool game. Atmosphere was spot on and every sound added so much to it. Ran without any problems and overall a fantastic game to play. Superb... :)

this game was freakin great, i love ps1 horror games

Awesome game! Absolutely nailed the atmosphere and dread of being alone in the woods. This is part of a 3 scary games episode. It's the first game in the video.

THIS GAME WAS SO DAMN COOL!!! I really loved my character body lmao, and the forest look and the freakin house. It felt like I was just in the Blair Witch movie lmao XD. I love the spin on it and the ending, the sounds and the freaky things we saw in the game!! Love it loads!! 😭🌲😱


This game was absolutely amazing, the only downside was its short length. I understand why it was short ofc but hopefully in future this game expands or at least the ominous creatures within in. amazing sound design as well by the way 9/10 

Ok guys, YOU REALLY SHOULD WEAR HEADPHONES WHILE PLAYING! There is an incredible attention to audio in this game, and I wouldn't want you to miss on the frights the sounds would give you alone,

In my humble opinion, this short game is far scarier, more interesting, and more spiritually a successor to the original Blair Witch Project film, than the Liongate game on Steam. MiniGoliath took the original premise and horrors of the film and tweaked it, making this game uniquely its own while hearkening to the elements that made the film nightmare inducing. 

9/10 and it is only that low because I wanted to keep playing!


Link to my channel (opens in new tab)

Eh... In first game I run to South and was wandering pointless about 5 minutes. Before I started again I red Readme file and found cementary. Then found well. And... still walks pointless around, sometimes I saw ghost. And... nothing more. I think area of game is too big and easy to lost way.

Hey! It's not actually that big but it loops so you can get lost. Playing with headphones definitely helps for the audio cues


Hello! Please see my new video!

This is my first game from and definitely will not be my last! This is great and really gives a sense of uneasiness. Please keep it up 


I had fun trying out this game!  Good job! 

There were some scenes that unglued me for a min. Check out my footage 

I wish my PC wasn't a potato (almost literally), but nevertheless, it was a great adventure and gave me an anxiety (in a good sense).


🎀 Blair Witch Inspired Pixelated Horror Game | The House In The Woods Gameplay

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Start (4:44). I'm never gonna camp in the woods ever again!!

I finally got another chance to show off my boy scout skills in survival again! Such an amazing, creepy experience, well done!

I LOVE the visual style! Thing is, this game actually stirred more from me than other games that attempt the same feel. This game feels authentic and real. You can go forward with a full release any time you want; I won’t complain. 


I really enjoyed this game but sadly I am horrible with horror games even if it is very Blair witch style. 

nice idiea :D

страшно было и я отложил личинку ))

Спасибо за игру 

Screw the official Blair Witch game, this was much better!


Haha thanks for playing!

You're more than welcome!

was fun, short but sweet

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I enjoyed the throwback to Blair Witch Project immensely but took me way to long to proceed in the game (probably my fault entirely but it did bug out since I played an earlier version). Check out my playthrough here:

Very Nice Ambiance and game , ;)

I played this along with The House in the Woods! Very cool game and I plan on making a video for the update too!

I liked the previous version of your game already, but this time it's really awesome! Love the house as it is now, even more creepy... I made a fan-trailer already, but couldn't resist making a new one with the fresh footage. I hope you like it :)

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