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Fantastic.  One of the best games to come out of the jam, if not the best.

Nice job on the game! I liked the wandering aimlessly in the woods. It gave a great start to feeling hopeless. I think the old bit style enhanced the game play which is a nice touch. I look forward to any more games you make in the future!

Quick question was that me in the corner looking at myself?

I must say, I loved this game!

There was some serious attention to detail. I loved how the environments changed. It was really difficult to know what to expect.

The animation at the end was first class. I was completely wowed by it. 

You chose the right moments to run with a scare or hold back. It felt like you had a very mature sense of horror pacing. 

The Blair Witch influence is there, but it's not on the nose. This doesn't feel like a 'Blair Witch' game, it feels like its own thing. 

Well done! I'm excited to see what your next project is. 

Gave it a go...

All's I can say is well done it was amazingly terrifying gotta make this into a full game PLEASE.


This game is truly horrifying, everything from the sound, the aesthetic, the design. It just contributes to the final freight of the game, and not to mention it doesn't have that many jumpscares! The one that did get me is executed well executed. If you want something to try on the PS1 styled horror games this game is the pinnacle of it, I really recommend this game

I don't know how people make these scary games... I was the biggest wussy playing it. I would really like to see a continuation on this and I hope you create more games!

Man I miss classic PS1 titles. This brings back memories. Would love to see this game continue it's story some day.

This game is awesome !!

I can genuinely say that this game scared me half to death haha. I would love to see a full game like this made by you guys!

(Game 2 - 5:36)

Love the aesthetic, very moody, but it sometimes takes a long time for me to find the house. I wonder if the environment scrolls or if it's just a really big space.

Also, I found a couple of large stone glowing objects but they didn't seem to do anything... also a well that was cool to find but didn't seem to have any purpose beyond that.

agreed, I just wished that they did something to atleast give indicators on where we're supposed to go from, like a tiny map stuck onto a tree or something.

This game was really good, The sounds were amazing. The graphics were not the best, but that made it even more scary! 

This game was the scariest game I've played in awhile and I'm not even exaggerating. It's the third game in the video, keep up the great work!


I loved the sound effects, very atmospheric and it definitely feels like a PS1 game. Just missing some triangular boobs ๐Ÿ˜‚

This game was amazing i never been on the edge of my seat  for a horror game lol.

lol I made a gameplay and with the background sound of the video game I made an hour of sounds in the woods to sleep and have nightmares... I know, I'm crazy.

I liked a lot the atmosphere and design of this game. The Blair Witch project vibes are there. Maybe not super scary, you could cranck the sounds a bit more, but nice work!

Please, for the love of God, revisit this in the future! Wonderful fucking game!

It's short but it's very worth it!! I was very spooked 10/10 would sh*t my pants again

This game was great.  It was short.. but packed in the excitement and scares.  Really well done.  

i had a blast playing this game :D


Hey, I included your game in my latest Horror Games video! The part with your game starts around 7:16! Hope ya enjoy the video cuz god damn, I really enjoyed your game! Keep up the great work! Cheers!

Hey man loved the game. Please check out my Demo.

This game had the most uneasiest atmosphere I have experienced!!

I also think I found the house faster than I should've...๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…

Very Scary Game Im Pretty Sure I Got Jump Scared Like 20 Times Great Game I Would Hope To See More 

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Woods part was a little too long, House part was killer.

Waited for the full release of this and was not disappointed. This is the second game in my video and it was short and full of creepy moments and scary sound effects. Especially when it was in the attic and it sounded like someone was coming up the stairs in the dark. Wow. So good.

Thanks for the game! Hope to see a lot more from you :D

I was about to throw hands with my computer

I almost quit so many times, absolutely terrifying!

I didn't manage to progess. Screams seemed to come from everywhere. I used my unlimited sprint to run around for 10 minutes but the scenery didn't change. I gave up after that. I really liked the atmosphere though.

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This was great. I was very intrigued by the sounds and interesting marks once I was inside the house. I did get lost a few times trying to find the house though LOL 

had a lot of fun playing the game :D

I did a 3 Scary Games Gameplay on Youtube which included this game. The game was pretty good and I was scared multiple times!!

Got a little bit lost in the woods but overall it was AMAZING. The ambiance, the sounds and the vibe where overwhelming. Here's my little playthrough (Polish language) Cheers!

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Played the first version of this game, where it had no ending. I was still impressed by it but after this version it was just breathtaking btw great sound design and keep up the great work! 

10 minutes and I almost died. Great game, keep it up.

You guys are madmen, you almost made me fall off my chair multiple times in a span of 10 minutes. Here's my playthrough if you want to watch my screams lol

Very interesting game. I have a technical question though. What I found interesting, is if you keep running through the woods in a straight line you may run into the house over and over, but at different angles. I was wondering, is the game world basically a circle? So wherever you go, you eventually end up at the house?

GREAT GAME! REALLY! Scared me multiple times, even though I thought I know what to expect, this game surprised me every time!

Holy crap.  Legitimately scary games.  They're rare.  Really rare.  Especially indie games.  Especially on  This game?  This is one.  It's actually scary.  Perfectly designed.  Ace work.  More, please.

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