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All i can say is i didn't want it to end😢  loved the game good job👍 if you would like to see my playthrough here it is: 


 Love The Atmosphere Of This Game.Try It With Headsets😅😅😅

Jesus that was terrifying af! Literally nightmare fuel

3rd game I played. Incredible

The atmosphere is amazing.

This is my gameplay in portuguese

I finally gave this game a play after knowing about it for such a long time and it was definitely a game that I would recommend to anyone who likes these kinds of games. The Creepy atmosphere was amazing. 

This was a very good game, I would love to either play a long version of this or more episodes of it. Can't wait for the next one.

Hello there. I played this game and I am not sure if that is my fault or the game is meant to be this way but I was confused out of my mind. I even made a video.
If you like to see it. Here it is.

My walkthrough in Russian.

ENG: I don’t believe that in just 48 hours you can make such a good game. Sound effects are great. Atmosphere 10/10. In the end, the monster was creepy. I really liked the game, I recommend it to everyone :)

RUS: Не верю что всего за 48 часов, можно сделать такую хорошую игру. Звуковые эффекты на высоте. Атмосфера 10/10. В конце монстр был жутковат. Игра мне очень понравилась, всем рекомендую :)

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Amazing job...really good spooky game... one of my favourite so far... strongly recommend for everyone!

Literally, utterly terrifying. Great fucking job like omg.

Juegazo, me la pasé re piola jugandolo de noche, sin duda una gran experiencia de terror

Couldnt find anything sexy... i played with one hand while i picked my nose with the other one.

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This game is a great example that in order for a game to be scary it doesn't have to rely on amazing graphics. Truly enjoyed the game. 

Thanks for a great experience. First game I've bought here. It's short but very enjoyable and love the sounds!

Appreciate it! Thanks for playing

Truly amazing!Please check out my experince here and let me know how you liked it in the comments!! 

That was cool and alot of fun! Loved you additions to the story as well! Great game!

Great game guys! Love the homage to Blair Witch!

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Truly the most terrifying game I have ever played. I was absolutely scared pantsless from beginning to end. Something about the atmosphere, the pace, and the ambience... it really just gripped me from start to finish. I left not ever wanting to play a game like this again, kudos.


Really scary, cool horror! Great work with the sound, the sounds were truly authentic and frightening! I really liked it!

LOVED this game. Great atmosphere. Great job!!

very spooky, well done

here's my gameplay.. kinda disturbing game but i like it :D

hi, big thx for the great game. greetings from rosti 😁


Jumpscares and sounds... LOVE IT! :D 

It was awesome...scared me so fuc... much...

Thanks for the game :)

(I'm a brazilian and the gameplay is in portuguese)

A good game but is easy to get lost and the start of the game. Keep your demonic stuff to yourself. 

me playing in the spooooky wooooods


This was amazing! The slight pixelated art style, the great contrast between the shadows and the candles and the timing of the scares made this adventure all the more terrifying! Again, I'm glad you guys used the "show don't tell" style of storytelling! It was a pleasure to play this game! Congrats guys!

i'm new to pc gaming always played consoles since the 80's this is my first horror game on pc  big horror game fan , still getting used to using keypad and mouse ) but got to say i loved this game. nice one for this game. 

Big props for the player body. Most games skip that to the point of even having items just float in front of you, much more immersive the way you have it.

I played through the game and actually recorded it for my channel. Woah, this game has a lot going for it, the atmosphere is phenomenal and the graphics look fantastic for what they are. I had more than my fair share of spooks out of this. Overall, I had a great time and would love to see more, thank you!

Hey! Part of your game is also available on my channel's fun video!

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