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Such a good game with an amazing creepy atmosphere and awesome scares!! Just all around amazing!! 

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A really terrifying Game! Never played a game like this! Love it! If you are interested to know about our thoughts, you can watch now our Review on YouTube!

Greetings - Daddelkutter 

Thanks for the review guys! Much appreciated! We might return to House In The Woods at some point and expand upon it 👍

Fantastic game, really draws you in!! the atmosphere and the vibe is just my cup o tea lol!! check out the reaction video below! 

This game was incredible! Really atmospheric, immersive and terrifying! I would love to see more! Keep up the good work!

I know i'm super late to this game, but i'm impressed! the atmosphere kept me on my toes the entire time. nice work


It's so climatic game!

I would love to see like bigger version of it.

Great game, really well done! Loved the VHS style overlay, loved the ambient noises, my only disappointment is that it wasn't longer. 


Full Game

The atmosphere is chilling, the camera handles well and the sounds are perfect,maybe if they had added 2 or more objectives to do it would have been perfect, but it is a good game I loved it! Recommended to all who like terror and urban exploration,remember to watch this gameplay at night, with headphones and light off, do you dare?

Great little scary game. Got me, job done :D Keep up the good work!

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Freak you!!! 


Hey!! let me just start off by saying you owe me a new pair of pants. Because of this stupid game, I crapped in the ones I am wearing and it is your fault because you made it. I know you could argue that you didn't force me to play it therefore it is not your fault. But at that point, we are really just splitting hairs and we both know that you made this game way more scary than it should be and therefore it is your fault that I now have crap in my pants. So, therefore, you owe me a new pair. So are we going to take care of this civilly or should my lawyer contact your lawyer and I figure out how to sue you from America? Because you owe me new pants.

Unfortunately we cannot reimburse you with a fresh pair of pants at this time.  We have contacted our lawyer and have been advised that liability in this case would be hard to assign.

We will, however, buy you a beer if you're ever in Scotland.  As long as you don't try sue us.

Cheers :D

We will see who is liable? Can we do dinner instead of beer I am a sober drunk and me and booze are no longer friends and I want to keep that way. but I would love to sit and have a wholesome glass of I think I may even be a bit naughty and get mine on the rocks.  But all kidding aside I think that was amazing game and hope to play more from you markiplier has played several of your creations has he not?


Really Good Video

I loved this its the second time i played it and its still just as scary as the first time i played it! The ambiance is amazing the setting and scares are too! It definately reminds me of the blair witch project. Heres my playthrough if you wanna see! It startsat 10:18! 

This game scared tf outta me on multiple occasions LMAOOO, it was really funny tho

Not only is this Blair Witch inspired, but the house part is way better than the house part in the actual Blair Witch game.

there have been several Blair Witch games which is the one you are referring to? I am assuming you mean the most recent one right?

This game is incredible: a unique horror experience. I recommend it to all horror fans.

Absolutely awesome work guys! I enjoyed this game so much! As soon as I finished it I started it up again!


Love this, you guys making anything more like this??? So much potential

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Gameplay if you're interested:

This was incredible! I loved how the audio was used, really directional so you felt like things were creeping about near you and as a way to guide the player to the final location. Really creative. I played it through again to see all the other locations and it was still scary, even when I knew exactly what was going to happen. I loved the clear influence and the Lovecraftian twist at the end, very The Void

oh snap this is creepy AF. I like it cant wait to play it 

Made a video


I liked it; great atmosphere!

Was super similar to the Blair Witch project style! Blair Witch is one of my favorite horror games ever and this deserves a place in that category!

No Commentary :) 


This is kinda giving me Hello Neighbor vibes because I'm stumbling into a house that lies with mysteries. The house kinda looks like the Hello Neighbor 1 Alpha 3 or 4 houses.

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This reminds me of when DanTDM was playing Granny on PC and there was a cutscene where the character stumbled across some woods and found Granny's house. Granny slapped the character hard with a baseball bat and the game began.

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Really creepy game. Definitely Enjoyed.

A great game which I believe to be based on the story of The Blair Witch! Do you dare enter the House in the Woods?

Love this game, the graphics and gameplay. Very enjoyable and very fun to play.

An absolute masterpiece of a title! You clearly understand game mechanics and how to implement them as well as creating atmosphere and horror! If I could give this game more than 5 stars I would! 

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SUPER scary game! Thanks so much for your awesome work! Footage starts at 11:17

Trabalho sensacional! tomei susto pra caramba! 

Really enjoyed this game!! 

Incredible work!!
The sounds were super eerie. Love the whole aspect of the game, did make me jump a couple of times haha!!
Keep it up.

Here is my gamep

lay below it starts at 10:33 :)

Unfortunately i forgot to change my audio settings when recording this one so the game audio is a lot louder than mine hahaha.

The game's great with it's atmosphere and great use of sound. I really enjoyed my time with it.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

iF U wATcH i wIll lUV yU 4EvER

also btw great game gave me some of those Blair Witch vibes. I absolutely love the ps1 graphics! it gives me the great happy😀😂!

Your friend


Loved this game, was very creepy all the way through and gave me goose pumps - 

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