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Played the first version of this game, where it had no ending. I was still impressed by it but after this version it was just breathtaking btw great sound design and keep up the great work! 

10 minutes and I almost died. Great game, keep it up.

You guys are madmen, you almost made me fall off my chair multiple times in a span of 10 minutes. Here's my playthrough if you want to watch my screams lol

Very interesting game. I have a technical question though. What I found interesting, is if you keep running through the woods in a straight line you may run into the house over and over, but at different angles. I was wondering, is the game world basically a circle? So wherever you go, you eventually end up at the house?

GREAT GAME! REALLY! Scared me multiple times, even though I thought I know what to expect, this game surprised me every time!

Holy crap.  Legitimately scary games.  They're rare.  Really rare.  Especially indie games.  Especially on  This game?  This is one.  It's actually scary.  Perfectly designed.  Ace work.  More, please.

Due to its short length and being a bit of a stoic it was difficult to get drawn into the atmosphere of the game. The visual design is a personal favorite of mine and meshes well with the plot and sound effects. Some of the music being a premade asset detracted from the experience but is completely understandable due to the time constraints.

My only major complaint is the sudden title card, shoving the title into the players face and accompanying it with a jarring sound effect.

Rest of incessant ramblings located here.

i swear to god this game is actually amazing. the atmosphere and the sounds really creeped me out. to anyone planning on downloading the game and want to check it out in its entirety, i have left the link to my walk through of the game.

So this game scared the socks off me, I did not expect it, from its sounds to its eerie vibe I got, it was an amazing gem amongst the many! thank you for giving me the chance to play! 

I enjoyed the game alot this was fun to play. I just played it on my channel keep it up.

Very well done! Very atmospheric and unnerving, loved it!


Good job, amazing game. 

this is my gameplay in Spanish

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One of the best I've played yet on here... Fab design,Good audio, It's the second game I played In the vid I attached


loved this I played the first version which was good but this updated one is amazing 

this game was very interesting to play. you guys did great!

I didn't include a full playthrough of this in my latest jam video, only footage in the intro, but I wanted to commend you for doing such a wonderful job with the atmosphere and polish of this game. Many indies try to nail that palpable lost in the woods vibe and fail. Yours didn't. Smooth controls, gorgeously minimal sound design, quality over quantity. Really great work here. I look forward to seeing more from you!

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Insane short horror game. The whole "cult"-y atmosphere is a pretty big fear of mine and I was on edge for the entire ride. 

This is an awesome game for a short horror. It did a really good job in delivering a "Blair Witch Project" experience. Great work!

This succeeded in scaring me! (i'm playing the older version in this video, before the update)

is there a planned steam release for this game eventually? if so, when it gets announced i will make sure to tell my friends about it.


The sound design was magnificent. Snapping of twigs, footsteps above.. Made for a really spooky atmosphere! I played it on my channel. I appropriate anyone who checks it out!

this game was amazing the sounds quality and the vhs type graphics was incredible 

heres a lil something i made

That was pretty cool and spooky. I wish finding the house didn't take so long tho.

I also loved the pixelated graphics. Thank you.

nope nope nope nope nope and a big ol' spoonful of nope with a little nope on the side


Spooked but not totally spooked.. okay maybe spooked all the way, i actually liked this one, rated 5/5 yo, heres some footage

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Scary game! This one really got me bugging out lol. Was intense all the way. 

i really enjoyed your game it was really amazing!! ^^
its the first game in the video..


Pros and cons are sown below. Check out my vid (the game is the first there):

Already reviewed the game before the update but I feel like it deserves another review now)


1. After the update so much have changes! The game is more detailed now, has more spooks, a strong plot explaining the whole blair witch thing from a different perspective. Awesome! I am so glad I replayed it!

2. The sense of dread is so strong! The creaky forest makes you run and don't look back though you can not run away. And the house even more terrifying now, The sound design is marvelous!


I think you have done a great job perfecting the game and I take back all the points that I wrote before)


A string 5/5! Such a great game! I am so impressed how good it was and how much better it is now! Well done!

Hope my feedback was useful!

I love Blair Whitch, Love this game, Congratulations

daaamn i love this!! absolutely love the aesthetic, reminds me of horror PS2 games! i miss that feel. and to only do this in around 48 hours is absolutely amazing!!



The game was great. The jumpscares weren't as bad as i thought but they are still butt clenching.


Very good game. I just didn't like it when i got lost in the woods. it took me alot to find a house. but everything else is just great.

btw if you are interested, check my video:


ASMR Horror is not a good idea, especially when your playing this game. I really enjoyed the game and looking forward to seeing more. 


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Atmospheric horror with interesting mechanics of terrain generation.Very cool that it was done in 48 hours.Here's my ukrainian walkthrough :3

Nice, short little horror experience.

This is the best indie horror game i've never played... AWESOME!!

Very frikkin awesome! Made you a lil video: 

I'm impressed! I really enjoyed playing this. Oppressive almost claustrophobic ambiance, slow paced and the tension rapidly increases. Highly recommended! 

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